Dear friends, 

Everyone, Parents in particular, must note, the only measure by which *we* will be judged by those who come after is the health of the land; by the health of the earth, and by the drinkability of the water. Our children will not give a $#!t that we recycled, wrote our legislators, supported marxist, nazi, democratic, or stalinist causes, or fined BP, Exxon, United Healthcare, or SONY. They will only care that we installed a black president, as much as we care about Nixon today. They will only care about us breaking windows at RBC in protest today as much as we care about Newark burning 40 years ago. They will only care about the gulf and BP tomorrow as much as we care about Alaska today. They will instead only be concerned if the water, land and air can still sustain life, most notably their own."

Please support END:CIV and maybe we won't have to...


ENDCIV - The Movie.